Nottingham's Cultural Education Partnership

Nottingham's Cultural Education Partnership

Nottingham's Cultural Education Partnership Nottingham's Cultural Education Partnership Nottingham's Cultural Education Partnership

About Us

Our Vision

Nottingham’s diverse population of children and young people will have opportunities to be imaginative, innovative and creative, becoming informed and inspired curators, makers, audiences and champions of culture citywide. 

Our Mission

To facilitate, support and co-curate collaborations and partnerships that ensure more and different children and young people in Nottingham engage with relevant, inspiring and accessible cultural experiences. 

Our Aims

To work collaboratively with Nottingham’s cultural partners and educators to:

  • Deliver a cultural learning offer that is complementary, visible and accessible
  • Identify and address barriers to creation and participation by children, their families, educators, artists and arts organisations
  • Take risks, share challenges and celebrate the exemplary

Our Work

Guiding Principles


Our partnership will be inspiring, facilitative, resourceful, collaborative, opportunistic, imaginative, innovative and bold.  

Our task is to facilitate the partnership between cultural organisations, schools and youth providers - and to this end, we will be open, inventive, diverse, networked and welcoming. 



We want to make communications easy - so that teachers and headteachers are informed of opportunities from the cultural sector in a timely and coherent way. 

Cultural partners can make use of the ChalleNGe website and e-newsletters to share news and project opportunities; and schools  can celebrate their achievements, give feedback and help build a picture of creative learning for children and young people.

Youth and community organisations are also invited to share their experiences and opportunities and make connections with us to help broaden opportunities for all children and young people in the city. 

We are developing the concept of Nottingham's 'Cultural Rucksack'; for schools to embed high quality arts experiences for every school pupil in the city. 

Evaluation and Learning


Our 4 goals focus on:

  • reaching more and different children and young people; 
  • improving access to cultural education; 
  • evaluation, building capacity and doing things differently; 
  • resilience, sustainability and the future. 


We are working closely with the Nottingham Trent University's Social Science departments to devise robust evaluation methodology; taking part in the Shared Intelligence 'Collective Outcomes Tool' to measure regional cultural education development work and subscribing to the RSA Cultural Learning Evidence Champions Network.  

If you are interested in this area of our work, please get in touch to contribute to the design of evaluation methodology.